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National Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference, New York

03.21.19 - 03.22.19


So Now What? How Will You Reach Audiences in The Post-Social Media World?

Coverage of the arts is all but gone in your local newspaper. Digital ads are less and less effective on the web. But as long as we have social media, we're still reaching audiences, right? Maybe not. In the past year, 42 percent of Facebook users have taken a break from the site, and for the first time the platform lost users. Pew reports that only 9 percent of teens say Facebook is their preferred social media. So Snapchat? After a couple of years of spectacular growth it lost users in the second quarter of 2018, and its stock price cratered in mid-September. Instagram? It's still adding users, but there are signs of slowing. Amidst privacy concerns, fake news, a growing tech backlash, and more and more studies documenting the numbing effect of social media, the bloom is off the social media rose.

So now what? How will you reach audiences in a post-social media world? This session will show you how big media companies are pivoting, and explore strategies for what comes next in a post-social media world.
Douglas McLennan
Editor ArtsJournal



Attracting and Keeping the Right Audiences for Your Organization

Successful audience building means more than getting people through the door, but creating enduring relationships. Like any relationship, a lot has to happen to make it work. First, we need to identify what target audience is a good fit, because organizations will need to accommodate these newcomers, and hopefully feel comfortable embracing them and be able to weather any growing pains. Finding that right fit and preparing the organization to receive new audiences are often overlooked considerations, but research suggests several guiding principles. Examples drawn from successful audience-building initiatives will be used to illustrate these principles, with exercises to help participants identify what audience makes a good fit for their organizations and how to prepare those organizations for success.
Bob Harlow
Marketing and Research Consultant Sponsored by The Wallace Foundation



Google's Digital Path to Performing Arts Ticket Purchase Study

In the United States, 93% of people report that entertainment is vital to their happiness, but 56% of people reported that they are rarely entertained. These casual fans, overwhelmed by all the options, find themselves spending more time choosing how to be entertained than actually engaging with the art forms that give them joy. 
In Google's new Ticketing Path to Purchase Research, we understand that performing arts fans spend a lot of time online considering their entertainment options, but not buying live event tickets to the same degree that they are researching. In this session, learn which digital touch points along the path to ticket purchase are most meaningful for performing arts patrons and how we can unlock the innate stories we have as an arts organizations and cultural institutions to connect with these patrons in a meaningful way.  

Luke Rodehorst
Account Executive, Ticketing & Live Events Google



The Life-Changing Power of Keeping It Real: How People Like Us Can (and Might Have to) Save the World

In a world increasingly unreal, manipulated and detached, people in larger numbers are losing a basic grasp of reality. It's everywhere and it's getting worse, but we in the live entertainment and arts business have an important, perhaps critical, part to play in changing that. Let's break the problem down and get to work.
Moderator: Jim McCarthy
CEO Goldstar



Random Acts of Ticketing

Sometimes a successful ticketing campaign calls for an extra touch of creativity, but we all know that can be hard to find when time to brainstorm and budgets are limited. This session will provide both inspiration and a list of tools you can use at your organization to boost engagement and ticket revenue. From tips for capturing customer data when you have a hit show to ways to win back lapsed attendees, we’ll be looking at case studies of fun and unexpected approaches organizations have taken with a proven return on investment. You can expect to walk away with concrete strategies you can implement at your own organization.

Kenneth Foster
Account Executive Spektrix


Part of the Digital Marketing Track - Content: The Currency of Digital Marketing

Content is the Currency of Digital Marketing. But as arts marketers, we must wear a lot of hats. Our to-do lists are a mile long and we rarely have an opportunity to brainstorm creative and inspiring content ideas. Yet, the pressure is on. With a constant stream of social content fighting for people’s attention, how well are you reaching your audience online? This session will give you some of the tools you need to help you create more compelling content. This session will also include tips for creating great social advertising content so you can put your content to work for you.
Rachel Purcell
Consultant Capacity Interactive


Messaging for a New Era

Aligning the language you use with the realities of the world we are now living in is critical for your company’s continued success.

This workshop will explore how marketing and development professionals can better approach audiences and donors as new shifts in the marketplace take hold. For example, there are many predictions and known implications related to the New Tax Laws, in terms of estate planning, itemization and deductions. Understand how these changes could impact how you approach prospects to support your organization. Similarly, shifts in how people do their work and earn a living (e.g., the gig economy) directly impact approaches to marketing and development campaigns. We will find language, timing, and strategies to help you meet audiences where they are. You will leave this session with the beginnings of an action plan in hand.
Jennifer Edwards
Principal JenEd


Part of the Digital Marketing Track - Your Business is Vulnerable: Why Maintenance Matters to You and Your Website

What are the various optimizations, skills, and tools that you should look for when developing an IT department or contracting outside consultants? What security risks, potential data loss, and other catastrophic events do arts groups face if their websites are allowed to go unsecured?  In addition to these questions, we’ll explore the long-term relationship required for the maintenance of a website, and how organizations can provide some of their own security.
Behnam Ataee
CTO Dream Warrior Group / ARTdynamix

LaMae Weber
CEO Dream Warrior Group / ARTdynamix


Building a Diverse Audience on a Shoestring Marketing Budget

You’ve got big dreams for engaging an immense audience, but your resources and budget are spread thin. Learn from the country’s most diverse urban performing arts center how to identify and attract multicultural and special-interest groups and effectively stretch marketing dollars. This session underscores the importance of community partnerships and cultural empowerment in reaching out to growing populations and ensuring their place in the arts landscape of the future.
Katie Sword
Vice President of Marketing New Jersey Performing Arts Center


Cultural Facilities as Fundraising and Audience Development Tools

Historically, cultural facilities have been viewed by management as simply the place where the art meets the audience, and also as a drain on scarce human and financial resources. This session will explore the idea that cultural facilities can and should be important tools for audience development and fundraising, based on recent case studies in the sector and specific examples of organizations that are getting much more value out of their facilities.

On the audience development side, we will show examples of cultural organizations that use their facilities as a way to build and strengthen customer relations, building a sense of community and loyalty to the organization through programming and special events. We will also demonstrate how facilities can themselves be used to deploy a range of effective marketing messages and programs.

For fundraising purposes, we start with the idea that every event is a fundraising event and show examples of how cultural facilities can drive annual and capital funding. Then we will explore trends in event and facility sponsorship as a means to improve financial sustainability.
Duncan Webb
President Webb Management Services, Inc.


Part of the Digital Marketing Track - Find Out Who the Other 67% of Your Audience Is: How In-Venue Technology is Uncovering “Ghost Audiences”

Imagine if you could capture and sell to everyone who is coming to your shows but hasn’t bought a ticket yet because they are coming with someone who purchased the tickets for them.  This hidden audience is a prime market for buying your tickets, you just need to find out who they are!
Most theatres only know one-third of the audience members sitting in their seats. The other two-thirds -- or the non-ticket buyers -- remain a mystery. New in-venue engagement technologies are changing the house map by de-anonymizing audience members and providing a full, 360-degree view of who sits in your seats on any given night. By linking ticket transaction data with on-site patron data – acquired via wifi, social check-ins, pixels and native apps – your venue can employ applications in audience mining, local cross-promotion, and ancillary data monetization that lead to richer patron data, deeper relationships, and more effective marketing opportunities. 
  1. Know more than a patron’s zip code – demographic breakdowns combined with social preference and interest data is essential for audience mining and lucrative data-based revenue streams.
  2. Think outside the seat – concessions, parking, Instagram pics… every piece of information helps you learn more about your audience and their preferences.
  3. Sharing is caring: and it pays the bills –Your clients and fellow luxury brands want and need robust data and behavioral information -- become your industry’s supplier.
Sarah Hutton
Director of Sales Choice Entertainment Technologies


Arts Funding is Dead: Strategies to Breathe Life Back into Your Development Plan

Patron apathy and atrophy, societal changes, foundation recalibration, media overload and more have all put arts funding on life support. Join us for this session exploring the challenges we face and new strategies to take back to the office to help your organization and development department reimagine it's role in the community.  It's time for a new story and we'll give you some helpful building blocks to write your winning narrative.
Sean King
Principal Aspire Arts Consulting


From First to Loyal: Converting Your Newest Patrons to Returning Visitors and Beyond!

Congratulations! You have new patrons in your doors! But how do you engage and retain them? Learn fail-proof ways to bring back your newest audiences and convert them to lifetime patrons and donors.
Moderator: Melanie Leis
Strategic Accounts Director Vendini

Stay Tuned For Many More Sessions To Be Added, Including:

Increasing Revenue While Lowering Costs
Attracting Younger Audiences
Google Analytics
Strategies To Boost Advance Sales
Optimal Pricing
Digital And Traditional Marketing Mix
Social Media As Audience-Building Tool
And More!
(program and speakers subject to change)

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Conference Schedule

March 21, 2019:
Morning Intensive (Program starts at 9:00 a.m.)
Lunch on Your Own
Opening Reception with one-on-ones

March 22, 2019:
Networking Reception with one-on-ones
Lunch with the Experts
Afternoon Intensive
Breakouts (Conference ends at 5:00 p.m.)

Program and speakers subject to change.

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