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04.14.20 - 04.15.20


Signaling Change

With the goal of increased participation and ever greater revenue, this discussion will focus on The Broad Stage's external communications strategy to expand audiences and donor base by leveraging incremental brand and design updates to invite new audiences while signaling change and deepening connection for stalwart stakeholders.

We’ll also look at the demands that our approach places on organizational infrastructure and capacity -- most especially consolidating marketing and development departments into an integrated model to support the growth effort. This will be a real-time example of work very recently done and work ongoing -- hear about our experiment and share your experiences!
Rob Bailis
Artistic and Executive Director The Broad Stage



Are Your Surveys Designed for Past Behavior or Taking a Pulse NOW?

Constantly collecting survey data is essential and becomes more valuable when it is combined with past surveys or data from ticket sales and donation software. In this session, we’ll talk about setting up surveys for collecting fresh data you can use right now: to forecast ticket sales early in a run, in time to increase or decrease digital advertising, or quickly change tactics in social media when you have a hit or severe controversy, or capture useful comments to help make strategic decisions. Getting audiences to chat about their experience tonight is paramount for fueling tomorrow’s social media.
Jim Royce
Principal Anticipation Marketing



The Intersection of Marketing Strategies and Diversity

In an ideal world, people from diverse racial, income, and education backgrounds socially interact in public settings in search of cultural exchange and understanding.  But what role can and should marketing play in promoting these interactions at arts institutions? New research from SMU DataArts, which studies household transaction data and marketing strategies at cultural institutions, shows the links between marketing strategies and the socio-economic and racial diversity of audiences. Conference attendees will learn how strategic marketing choices enhance or inhibit opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding among the full spectrum of a community’s diverse populations. 
Learning objectives
During this Session, Attendees will:
1. Engage with new research on how marketing strategies affect the diversity of audiences.
2. Gain quantitative insights on the current state of audience diversity at arts organizations.
3. Discuss strategies for shifting marketing and communications approaches to increase diversity of audiences.

Dr. Zannie Voss
Director SMU DataArts



Part of the Digital Marketing Track - Your Site is Launched: What is Important for Ongoing Success?

Once your site is launched you should assess your digital presence. We will walk you through options (strategic and tactical) for assessing your results and cover some vital ongoing necessities such as optimization, maintenance and security. This is how you can turn your website from a beautiful showcase into a conversion engine.
Behnam Ataee
CTO Dream Warrior Group / ARTdynamix

LaMae Weber
CEO Dream Warrior Group / ARTdynamix


How Much Would You Pay for This Show? Don't Answer, Yet…

To you, your production is priceless. After all, you know that audiences paid small fortunes to see it on Broadway...and you went over budget to get the perfect scenery, first-rate performers, and custom-designed costumes. But, do you have a sense of how much your show is worth in terms of ticket pricing? Many perceptions and preconceived notions about pricing can sometimes prevent us from setting realistic expectations and make it difficult to forecast revenue -- or plan for shortfalls!

Please join us as we discuss what we have learned about pricing. You will hear information about methods that may help you determine appropriate pricing for each show or event in your season. Our panelists will talk through effective ways to use promotional pricing and establish realistic goals for your productions. Most importantly, we want to know what you've learned too!
Moderator: Jennifer Nelson
3-D Theatricals Box Office & Sales Manager/Volunteer Services

Michael Crane
Manager, Revenue Strategies & Analytics The Broad Stage

Rachel Detamore
Venue Advisor Goldstar


Do Your Customer Services Support Your Organization’s Vision and Vice Versa?

Sometimes an organization’s frontline customer service staffs are not always in step with the company’s identity or artistic vision. And often, they can be the last to know what’s going on. In this session we’ll discuss options for training both leadership and core service staff to articulate and maximize an organization’s ongoing vision or current offerings for the public. They need a lot more than a press release or marketing blurb. Is your organization on the “cutting-edge” for performances or an exhibition and are your inside or outside services staff prepared to talk about what makes “on-the-edge” appealing? Most importantly, do your company policies support contemporary customer service practices? If you could provide your customer with a genuine surprise experience, what would it be? Let’s talk about that in this session!
Jim Royce
Principal Anticipation Marketing


Part of the Digital Marketing Track - Digital Diversification: Meeting Your Demographic Where They Are

Learn about some of the diverse ways you can digitally reach out to your target demographics in order to promote your programming. Use your budget effectively, track conversions and be more creative with your marketing. Pixels to Pandora, Geofencing to SEO, this is more than a presentation, but also a discussion to create inspired ideas that attendees can take away and use right away.
Cynde Cerf
Marketing and Communication Coordinator Chandler Center for the Arts


Social Media Echo Chamber: Are We Segmenting Out Diversity?

You know your core market and the words that motivate them. Your online ad buys are strategic and effective. But do they exclude new audiences and communities you’re trying to reach? One surprising finding from a recent study by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture is that people who are regular arts-goers report they are having a harder time today finding arts events to attend. In politics, the social media “echo chamber” is said to magnify personal preferences and biases rather than open us up to unexpected and unfamiliar experiences. How does it affect arts marketing? What other surprising lessons can we learn from in-depth interviews with the people who love our work? This session will explore how to use qualitative information to complement the demographic data you collect from audiences and participants.
Bronwyn Mauldin
Director of Research and Evaluation Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture


A Great Artistic Program Isn’t Enough: Rethinking Our Approach to the Patron Experience

It’s no longer about competing with a neighboring theater or cinema. Now, your organization also has to compete with Netflix, XBox and Youtube. So in a world where the boundaries between physical and digital are blurred, the question is: how do you approach building a meaningful relationship with your audience? This isn’t about building a better website (although that’s a good start) but about thinking about the customer experience as a whole. We’ll explore the key changes we need to make to how we work so we can stand out from the crowd and set arts organizations up for long-term success.
Karen Elizondo
Account Executive Spektrix

Stay Tuned For Many More Sessions To Be Added, Including:

Increasing Revenue While Lowering Costs
Attracting Younger Audiences
Google Analytics
Strategies To Boost Advance Sales
Optimal Pricing
Digital And Traditional Marketing Mix
Social Media As Audience-Building Tool
And More!
(program and speakers subject to change)


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April 14, 2020:
Opening Plenary (Program starts at 9:00 a.m.)
Roundtables with the Experts
Lunch on Your Own
Ticketing Plenary
Opening Reception with one-on-ones
April 15, 2020:
Networking Reception with one-on-ones
Roundtables with the Experts
Closing Plenary
Conference ends early afternoon

Program and speakers subject to change.

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