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Canadian Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference, Toronto

06.12.17 - 06.13.17


Creating Contemporary Relevance to Mission

With its vast collections and growing audience, it is important that the Art Gallery of Ontario remain relevant both to its visitors and donors.  Stephan Jost will talk about great works of art and how to link them to mission-centered fundraising.
Stephan Jost
Director and CEO Art Gallery of Ontario



Big Data = Big Opportunities: A Data Driven Workshop for Generating More Revenue

How Marketing and Development Can Drive Revenue Growth

Numbers don’t lie, and the field of data science is transforming the way organizations conduct business at every level. The best part is, you already have all the data you need to help make informed decisions that can transform your marketing and fundraising operations and sustain your organization for years to come. You don’t have to be a mathematician or scientist to leverage the power of data mining, but you probably do need some help getting started. This includes discovering how large companies are leveraging customer data sets, identifying which data points are the most significant, and understanding how arts and cultural organizations like yours are using that knowledge to realize double-digit growth in the number and amount of donations and ticket sales every year.

This two-hour, interactive workshop demonstrates how you can use the data you already have to recruit new patrons, retain your existing ones, and add value to the patron relationship. Using best practices from the commercial and nonprofit sector, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the Top Ten Data Points most significant to arts and culture organizations and see where you stand in relation to your peers in this workshop
  • Set meaningful goals, segment your audience, and create a clear strategy for success
  • Maximize your return by starting a test and measurement program
  • Reduce the number of lapsed donor s and ticket buyers through systematic retention Strategies
  • Increase touchpoints to maximize contributed revenue and expedite the steps from onetime ticket buyer to repeat donor
  • Use data metrics to support revenue goals and get critical buyin from your board, senior leadership, and everyone in the organization
This is a hands-on workshop. While not required for participation, you will be asked to complete a Pre-workshop survey and bring information to the event that will help you get the most out of this Workshop.
Jennifer Edwards
Principal better_

David Dombrosky
Chief Marketing Officer InstantEncore



Millennials in Canada

Their generation is just as large as the Baby Boomers, but Millennials span more life stages: some are still in school and living with parents while others are starting families and careers. However, over the next decade most Millennials will be out on their own, starting careers and families. In fact, the number of Millennial households will double over the next decade and this will have a major impact on consumer expenditures. In this presentation, demographic expert Doug Norris will look at Millennials’ demographics and values, and how they differ from older generations. He will also present some new survey results on how Millennials perceive themselves and their future. Included will be a discussion of different types of Millennials.
Doug Norris, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer Environics Analytics


Arts Marketing Trends A-Z

From the Presidential election to Facebook LIVE, the past year gave us many marketing lessons to follow and many to avoid. Join us for the annual update to the popular Arts Marketing Trends A-Z session with 26 tactics and strategies to implement when promoting, advertising and fundraising your way to success in 2017. This fast-paced hour will have you ready for whatever marketing challenges you will face in the coming year with a few takeaways you can even put into action immediately!
Sean King
Principal Aspire Arts Consulting


We Need to Talk…About Your Website

Your programming, your venue, and your marketing are all beautiful, so why does your website still look like it was designed using Microsoft Paint? Your website is often the first touchpoint audiences have with your organization and understanding their journey across the site and their path to checkout is critically important to making sure they have a positive experience. This session helps you focus on the purpose of your website and offers tips to help ensure your customer experience online is smooth, enjoyable and profitable.
Ethan Joseph
Account Manager Spektrix


The Room Where It Happens: The Eternal Struggle of Marketing vs. Programming

With all due respect to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of "Hamilton," “No-one really knows how the game is played” or “How the sausage gets made” but for far too long marketing has not been in the room where programming and fundraising decisions happen. Attend this session and explore ways for marketing to have a seat at the table when the major decisions facing your organization are made but also learn strategies to maximize the impact of marketing when the deals are already done.

 A quick survey of your current relationship with the programming department will kick the conversation into overdrive for attendees who are faced with advertising and selling programming, which in many cases are not of their own doing. Lest we not forget about fundraising! The impact marketing has on your organization’s fundraising is what leads to success and in some cases to not reaching its full potential. Leave this session with eight actionable takeaways to empower you to schedule a meeting with your boss and fellow colleagues immediately upon your return.
Rachel Purcell
Consultant Capacity Interactive

Sean King
Principal Aspire Arts Consulting


Engaging the Modern Day Ticket Buyer: How to Turn the Last Minute Purchaser into a Lifelong Patron

The modern day ticket buyer is unlikely to plan ahead and inclined to purchase last minute tickets (a recent study shows that 55% of fans buy their tickets the week before a performance, usually due to reduced prices). This session will present strategies to engage the fickle, new theatre-goer throughout the lifespan of your event - from engaging them before they enter the theater, to how to interact during and after the event to keep them coming back. Align marketing, development and box office operations through patron data, in order to best appeal to and retain a dedicated audience. Learn to grow your patron base, while discovering additional resources outside of grants and private donations to keep your business thriving.
Mike Lorenc
Head of Industry - Ticketing, Sports & Live Events Google

Kathryn Hunt
Product Marketing Manager Vendini


Getting Results with Facebook

Sell more tickets with both organic and paid Facebook content.
Keith Tomasek
Lecturer Western University


2X Sponsorship: Raise Your Sights to Raise More Money

Imagine if you could double your sponsorship dollars -- that's 2X Sponsorship. The session will get you started on this highly achievable goal -- raising your sights and giving you specific, success-oriented tools. First, we'll cover how to build sponsorship properties (opportunities) that provide dramatically more value to partners. Then, we'll review how to start developing sponsorship benefits that get both your sponsors and creative team excited. Lastly, we'll go through how to craft a solicitation plan that more consistently and successfully moves prospects from first contact to cheque writing. To support each of these three strategies, you will receive three cutting-edge tools -- a Properties Matrix, a Benefits Ledger and a Moves Calendar. Finally, you'll go home with a specific to-do list so you can hit the ground running when you're back on the job. So, don't miss this opportunity to give your programs and facilities more of the funds they truly deserve.
William Pitcher
Founder Pitcher Group Sponsorship + Philanthropy


Arts Marketing vs The World: Overcoming Routine Marketing Challenges

Working in arts marketing can sometimes feel like swimming against the tide: you know you have a great product/experience, but there are a number of challenges that steer you away from building the effective campaign you have in mind.

Arts marketers often have to navigate the artistic team/marketing divide, struggle with design restrictions from producing companies, use “boxed” campaigns that don’t resonate with the local market…all while working with a shoestring budget.

In this session, we will discuss some tactics on how to overcome these common barriers and produce creative campaigns that break through... and turn the tide.
Alison Uttley
Associate Director, Marketing Luminato Festival

Roxana Rusowsky


Reaching Beyond The Comfort Zone: Finding, Enticing And Keeping Diverse Audiences

Artistic Directors and arts and culture organizations are speaking specifically about equity and producing works with an eye to equitable representation. Great! But what does that mean for arts marketing and development departments? How should your tactics change when reaching out to audiences with which you may not be familiar? How do you market not only to your target audience, but to other audiences as well? And once you’ve successfully brought new audiences to your doors…how do you make them stay for the next show or exhibition?! We’ll talk practical tactics for how to reach out past your comfort zone, and bring people to your organization – which may not be in their comfort zone!
Moderator: Erin Fernandes
Marketing Coordinator Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives

Jael Richardson
Artistic Director Festival of Literary Diversity

Khaled Iwamura
Chief Editor & Founder insauga.com

Gurratan Singh
Advisory Board Member Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives


The Evolution of Donor Recognition

In recent years, we have witnessed the evolution of donor recognition and stewardship to include increased focus on the donor experience and donor engagement. Understanding the evolutionary forces at play – and the ways that they are compelling organizations to think differently about their donor recognition program – is key to going beyond the donor wall and unlocking your recognition program potential.

In addition to exploring these topics, this session will review recent trends in donor recognition and encourage you to examine your own recognition program as it relates to translating impact, donor retention and organizational vision.

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June 12, 2017:
Morning Intensive (Program starts at 9:00 a.m.)
Lunch on Your Own
Opening Reception with one-on-ones

June 13, 2017:
Networking Reception with one-on-ones
Lunch with the Experts
Afternoon Intensive

Program and speakers subject to change.

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