What Delegates Say About the Arts Reach Conference: 

San Francisco (October 2013)

“It was an opportunity not just to listen, but to engage and connect.”

“There was an easy camaraderie between attendees I spoke with and a broad variety of topics available within a very brief time.”

“Learned a lot in a relatively short space of time.  Lots to think about and act upon.”

“Diverse presenters and attendees.”

“Really liked the data-driven presentations and the presentations focused on mobile/digital/social media where non-profits are struggling to figure out what is worthwhile to do.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to mingle with peers — and actually the small scale made it easier to network.”

“Good information; manageable — not too much and not too little.”

“I was impressed with the honesty and camaraderie among delegates.”

“I like the smaller size.  It is more intimate — easier to talk to the speakers and attendees.  In other words, everyone is more accessible.”

“Very friendly people!  The days were well-packed but didn’t feel too long.”

“Great Plenary sessions.”

“Very helpful — gave us good ideas to work on.”

“Gave great food for thought for developing our marketing plan.”

“Lots of practical information.”

“I appreciated the relevance and usability of most of the information, and meeting colleagues from across North America and sharing experiences.”

Los Angeles (October 2012)

“One-on-Ones are amazing. Honest and informative recommendations for our organization.”

“The Lunch/Dessert with the Experts part was excellent!”

“Very well organized; succinct presenters who have new material and information.”

“Integration of Marketing and Ticketing.”

“The best part was meeting other attendees and talking ‘real world’ application of presentations.”

“I thought the topics were generally great, with knowledgeable speakers. The One-on-Ones were particularly enjoyable.”

“Great mix of speakers and topics.”

“The conference always helps generate new ideas that can be implemented at my workplace.”

“The sharing of information between arts organizations and ability to meet and greet other officers and members of arts organizations is what I like most.”

“The ability to have One-on-Ones was fantastic!”

New York (March 2012)

“Timing is perfect to prepare for the coming season.”

“I have gotten great information here and taken more notes than I have for all the conferences I’ve attended for the past 10 years.”

“Hearing from the experts and the biggest institutions in the country, hearing how national trends are impacting our industry, has been invaluable.”

“I liked that the breakouts were just the right length. So much great information crammed into 3 days.”

“Lunch-with-the-Experts was a great opportunity for peer sharing with some guidance by industry experts – great idea!”

“Invaluable access to the language of arts promotion and management. As a member of a Board of Directors, for me this turned out to be an extremely rapid way to begin to get up to speed and better help a struggling theater sustain and grow.”

“The community aspect and Keynote were fantastic. The Intensives were superior as well.”

“The variety and specificity of lectures was outstanding.”

“Very informative and energizing.”

“Practical information was provided more so than philosophical. I am going back with things I can do and try now without needing ‘permission.’”

San Francisco (October 2011)

"I learned something new in every single workshop. I am going back to my workplace with so many new and great ideas! San Francisco is beautiful, too!"

"I feel like our organization is at a crossroads where we either change things up or continue doing the same, and I feel that this conference has given us the facts and
background to give us a positive push for change that we needed! I have enjoyed it so much all the way around!"

"The hospitality all throughout the conference was lovely, well conceived and greatly appreciated. One-On-Ones are a great idea and well done."

"There is a real understanding by the presenters of the challenges faced by the attendees."
"I found the conference to be enlightening and educational."

"For the most part the speakers and sessions were excellent and integrated themes throughout the conference. Practical information with implementable ideas."

"I liked the variety of methods of interacting."

"I am coming away with a lot of ideas that I can put into action immediately and others that can be implemented over time with planning."

"More than worth the investment of time and money."

"This was a great chance to network with other similar organizations and see state-of-the-art initiatives in arts marketing and fundraising."

"Great networking receptions. Liked the balance of new trends in marketing with tried and true wisdom."

"Jam-packed with lots of content -- great value for the money. Lots of choice in the tracks."

"Conference staff are very welcoming -- most attendees are very friendly -- interested in sharing stories and knowledge. Great location too!"

"Useful content; great presenters; logistics handled well."

"Sophisticated level of info and insights and realized what we are already doing and what tools are available to do it better."

"It was well organized and each speaker that I heard had something of value to offer."

"Great location. This conference has always provided practical and cutting-edge info on trends in e-marketing."

"Several really great sessions, particularly good info on the emerging role of social and web-based media."

"I am very pleased I came. The accommodations were fine and the meeting rooms were spacious. Good delegate care and food/beverages."

New York (March 2011)

"Keynote alone was worth the whole conference. Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed the one-on-one conversations. It was a great platform to get actual topic discussions."

"NYU was a great location. Overall--fun!"

"Participants were friendly and willing to share experiences. Liked all the presentations."

"Especially appreciated the one-on-one's and lunch roundtables."

"Good information, sometimes overwhelming, but I left with specific things I can implement."

"Lunch with the Experts is the best part of the conference; it's a chance to talk with others and share your story as part of a session."

"Great shared information and insights."

Los Angeles (October 2010)

"I came back to Honolulu and revamped our annual holiday campaign. We are at 130% of goal (and I saved money in mailing expenses as well) with donations still trickling in! Well worth the price of the conference! Thanks, and I'll see you at your next one!"

--Deena Dray, Executive Director, Diamond Head Theatre

"The sessions aren't didactic. For me, ideas that others have shared breed new ideas specific to my organization. It's hard to generate this in the office -- even during 'down time.' This conference allows me to reflect without distraction."

"I found out how dramatically I need to change our marketing strategy."

"Lots of usable tools. Lots of information on digital media."

"Definitely have some things to take home that I can do right away."

"Lunch with the experts was a great idea!"

"Lots of 'easily digestible' 50-minute sessions."

"Very well organized; emphasis on learning."

"The high level of the presenters was truly appreciated."

"I really appreciate the vast amount of information that was very valuable."

"Short sessions, nice variety of topics, good use of time."

New York (March 2010)

"Short, well-articulated presentations."

"I liked the format -- actual presentations with depth.  I got insights I could walk away with."

"The size of this conference is very manageable."

"Sessions were directly relevant to my needs."

"Great speakers!!  Loved learning and listening from them all."

"Even though I attended very different sessions, there were some interesting common threads that emerged."

"I like the plain talk and direct, realistic advice and tactics."

"Charismatic, informative speakers."

"High quality of session presenters -- from opening keynote to last workshop."

Los Angeles (October 2009)

"Relaxed atmosphere, excellent speakers, great location."

"It made me focus on the topics -- away from the office -- and gave me an atmosphere to create new action items."

I got free consulting in an intimate and casual setting with experts in the field."

"Perfectly timed presentations."

It totally surpassed my expectations; it was actually very good overall and more full of knowledge-gaining than networking."

"I liked being able to look through different lenses at similar topics -- approach them from a marketing and then a development perspective."

Speakers very well prepared and interesting -- topics were relevant."

"The scheduling is efficient -- short and sweet."

I like the the mix of marketing and development.  I am a development professional, but found several of the marketing sessions helpful as well."

New York City (March 2009)

"Expectations were high, but I was still blown away by amount and relevancy of information provided by your wonderful speakers.  I attended the pre-conference day by Patron Technology and feel if that were the only thing I attended, I would have gotten my money's worth and then some!"  

" ... a wonderfully put together conference, one that I will remember for a long time to come.  Now I only need an extra week to go back through my notes and start putting ideas into action!'

"I had the opportunity to really talk with panelists and other arts professionals ... didn't feel rushed."

"All great sessions. Well organized, very good material, relevant topics. Received great tools and information to move forward."

"Great speakers, great facility, amazing information ... breakouts well paced and informative."

"The sessions overall were excellent. Tons of ideas and action items to process, practice and implement."

"Best use of lunchtime at a conference that I've ever experienced."

"Relationship with speakers was phenomenal. They advertised the 'Let's talk' behavior in each session."

"Well rounded ... many different very good ideas. Great networking."

"One of the very best marketing conferences (or any kind of conference) that I ever attended. The sessions were so valuable!"

San Francisco (October 2008)

"Our sales are up 400% since implementing strategies learned at the Arts Reach Conference in 2008."

--Pat Patrick, Marketing Director
Tennessee Repertory Theatre

"Going home with 4 or 5 things I'll DO right now, and another 3 or 4 to think about doing."

My colleague and I are invigorated with good information and helpful tools."

"Good and relevant info for our small organization."

"My staff had a terrific time and came back with volumes of helpful information."

"Very relevant to our company ... "

" ... speakers were very good about giving real examples of what they have done and what has and hasn't worked."

"I like that there are lots of networking opportunities."

"The level of presenters is outstanding and the topics impact in-the-trenches reality. Lots of take-aways to digest and put into action."

"Great schedule, friendly atmosphere."

"Nice variety of topics; up to date info and speakers; practical, real-world advice."

"All of the sessions I attended were helpful and applicable to my job."

"Very informative -- I picked up a lot of ideas."

"I like the intimate size of the conference; it allows a more up-close and personal feel -- can get closer to the speakers and share in a discussion."

San Francisco (October 2007)

"It was absolutely the best focused conference I've ever attended."

"Great sessions. Excellent location. There were a lot of real-life examples that I can take and figure out how to apply them to my organization."

"I picked up so much useful information from the Arts Reach marketing conference that I started a 'key points' list and a 'to do' list on the flight home ... many of the 'to do' ideas didn't even require money to implement. The creative energy at the conference was revitalizing!"

"Most speakers were really, really tops. Setting and atmosphere were very good. The staff was super helpful and cheery."

"Excellent speakers; good 'buzz' among attendees; connected with old friends."

"Tons of practical ideas to put into place immediately. Liked the hours -- early start, early finish.

"Topics and sessions are forward looking."

"Excellent presenters."

"Design sessions were incredibly helpful."

"Focused on issues that need updating frequently."

"Marvelous balance between new and extremely useful information and the validation of all that we have done well."

"High concentration of new media web topics."

"Liked break-out into discussion groups -- enabled us to meet others."

"Variety of topics, great speakers, interesting attendees."

"I am taking back a wealth of info, ideas, and enthusiasm. The conference and panels were excellent."

"Broad spectrum of arts groups represented as well as the diversity of the people and the number of states represented."

"Time to discuss and brainstorm with colleagues is great."

"Sessions that applied practical analyses were very effective and gave audience a sense of 'purpose.'"

"Engaging sessions ... had concrete scenarios and applications that could be implemented."

"The staff were all very helpful, and the number of interesting and useful sessions was amazing!"

"The workshops and the community I was able to connect with re-inspired me about the possibilities of my job, and I really hit the ground running this week."

"I really wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful conference. I am still thrilled I went and think about all I learned every day ... I have noticed a change in how people respond to me already, just amazing!"

"I let my director know how valuable I felt the experience was for me and ultimately, for our institution. I plan on attending next year and would like him to join me. I also hope to bring my assistant!"

"I was looking for the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate, and I found it."

"This was my second Arts Reach conference and it is obvious you put a great deal of thought and care in getting the right people to present at these conferences. It was great to hear how the worlds of business, entrepreneurship and non-profits all have something to learn from one another."

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